location: MUMBAI


The apartment though located in a modern high rise sits well above the bustle of the dense area in which it is situated, it does not seek to escape the urban fabric of its city, but rather embraces it and turns it into a lively yet intimate abode of character, a dwelling that compliments the homeowners’ individualities. Offering five bedrooms and six full bathrooms, the unit has no shortage of interior space—not to mention a two side wrap around terrace, the sprawling apartment is staged with a collection of contemporary Italian furniture juxtaposed with both modern and traditional artworks along with vibrant furnishings—all of which pop against the pristine interior. The rooms are differentiated by their distinct color palettes and materials, each space evokes an entirely independent feel despite being under the same roof.


For a family that loves to interact with friends and family, the main solution was to integrate all the social spaces in the apartment: such as, the living room, the dining, and the family room as well as the kitchen ended up form a unique and intimate area where everything is connected. It was created as a more spacious and inviting space for the hosts. The final product is a result of fervent detailing, with various elements studied, revaluated and customized. Subtle shades of several colors were used with delicate natural tonalities turn the apartment in a rich, raw palette of natural timbers, stones and metals, which are contrasted with plush velvets and linens on the walls, floors and furniture coverings, resulting in a contemporary “quiet opulence”.