project: commercial



Introducing our boldest ever experiment with an indoor space. A 20,000 sq.ft lobby of an office building which doubles up to function as an Art gallery. The concept behind the design and development of this mammoth ceiling space was to create a Space derived by the very basal human characteristic - The Human Thumb Impression. Following the study of Dermatoglyphics, we aimed to create a space with the Four positive personality traits: Balance, Freedom, Originality and Focus.

We studied the four shapes as DESIGN PATTERNS instead and MAPPED the juxtaposed pattern onto the ceiling plate of the entire Lobby. The idea is to welcome a user inside the Tech Park under the sky of positive personality traits. The energy is then transferred onto the floor via these giant columns with Radial Louvers, giving an effect of the fingerprint pattern being channelized onto the floor. The fingerprinted wooden slats on the ceiling and wooden louvers on the columns and the side walls insures a brilliant acoustical tightness in the lobby of this scale. The slats and louvers are coated using special fire-retardant clear coats for safety .


The Gallery houses eminent artworks by the stalwarts of the art realm, such as, Subodh Gupta (27 Light years), Jitish Kallat (Eruda 2006), KS Radhakrishnan (The Ramp), MF Hussain, Satish Gujral, Anwar Khan. The gallery also has a dark room that houses the Original Lithograph Stones of Raja Ravi Varma.